Food For The People

We are raising funds to pay our farmers a living wage and make good food grown in the Midwest accessible to everyday working people.

We believe access to good food is a human right. Food that is healthy for the land and for the people should be accessible to everyone, no matter their economic circumstance. Since we began Shared Ground Farmers Cooperative, we have found it challenging to pay a living wage to the farmers for the food they grow. As a cooperative made up of primarily immigrant farmers who have historically been exploited in the American food system, we collectively face these challenges everyday. The current agricultural marketplace forces us to sell food at an inaccessible price to many working people. As we work with this commitment to the farmer, the land, and the consumer, this of course puts us in a hard place. These challenges have led us to imagine the Food for the People program as a step towards building a just local food system.
Shared Ground Farmers Cooperative envisions a just food system where every single person has the economic security to do meaningful work and eat good food. We are working to build a food system where more farmers are empowered to grow good food for their communities, not fewer. We are working to build a food system focused on quality, not quantity. On accessibility, not exploitation. On health, not dependent on wealth.

You pay to make this program happen.

Please do consider sharing this work with others and contributing to the Food for the People program.

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